Tips for Managing Children’s Behaviour – Grandma’s Rule

Using Grandma’s Rule teaches your child to carry out their responsibilities and not keep taking them on yourself.

This rule simply says that a less preferred activity must happen before a more preferred activity is allowed eg first you work and then you play.

Here’s some examples:

  • First you tidy your room and then you go outside and play.
  • Pick up your toys and then you can watch TV.
  • When you’ve done your homework then you can go on the computer.
  • When you’ve washed your hands you can have dinner.
  • When you’ve finished your vegetables you can have ice cream.
  • After your bath you can have a story.

These examples are not Grandma’s Rule but are bribery:

  • You can have chips now as long as you are good at the shops.
  • You can play with your friend now as long as you tidy up later.

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