Break The Silence: Professor Marc Wilson

This is an article about youth self injury by NZ’s leading expert, Professor Marc Wilson published 27 Jul 17 in the Herald’s Break The Silence series about youth suicide.

In the same way that all flamingos are birds, but not all birds are flamingos, it’s true that suicidal behaviours might all involve self-harm, but not all self-harm is suicidal.

Our work has shown that perhaps almost half of our young folk hurt themselves at least once before they leave school, but we also know that many fewer young folk attempt suicide.

Which is not to say that we shouldn’t take self-harm seriously. But we’ll come to that.

While self-harm has always been with us, it has long been stereotyped as “deviant”, something that people who have something wrong with them do. In fact, until 2015 the only place it appeared in psychiatric diagnosis was as a “symptom” of borderline personality.

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